The Everlasting cocksucker: An ode to an ex

I remember a thin young girl,
I was with her for two whole years.
I enjoyed the time we had,
she knocked me out of my seat.
The only problem was,
she lied right through her teeth

Now I've wished for this,
and I've wished for that,
when all I wanted was a little ass.
But the one I got,
well she was missing a little class.

Now that girl of mine,
she loved to suck,
and she loved fuck,
but just me was not enough.

So that little girl,
she hit the road
just knowing how to blow.

She blew all night,
and she blew all day
She blew anyone that wasn't gay.
She took it down
without a thought,
she never wasted
a single drop.

I took care of her
when she was sick,
when all she really needed
was more guys dicks.
How could I have known
but at least I wasn't 36.

I'm single now,
I don't care anymore.
Looking back,
she was just a whore.
Tainted loved, and tainted poon,
probably could eat disease
right off her with a spoon.

Now I'm not lying
about what she did.
Funny thing is,
she teaches 4th grade kids.

Now I've read freud,
and know about Jesus,
but never gave them
too much credence.
If you want to know  who's right,
you should read his site.
"Every woman is a whore"
said a guy named Tucker,
now I know he's right,
'cause she's the everlasting cocksucker.

The Tale of a Dirty Whore