The Tale of a Dirty Whore

It's time to vent.  It's story time, so gather around kids. 

Once upon a time there was a boy named Nugget.  Nugget was the coolest.  Nobody could ever be as cool as he was, because he was perfect in every aspect of the word.   One day, in a state far far away from Arkansas, Nugget met a young lady.

Before long, the young lady was taking it in the pooper like it was her job.  Ok, not really, but that's funny to say.
Anyway, the real story is, Nugget was banging the young lady.  This went on for a couple of years, and the young lady grew crazier and crazier all the time.  She took drugs for her craziness, but they didn't seem to help.  The root of this young lady's problem was that she was an attention whore.  Now lots of people like attention, who doesn't, but her way of getting attention was by playing the victim all of the time.  So this young lady would bitch and moan about the world and how it was out to get her.  Really though, nobody gave a shit.

Nugget, being a little bitch and losing his cool status by the day, put up with the bullshit believing that this would eventually get better.  Oh, what a fool Nugget was. 

One day, Nugget had to move away.  Nugget isn't the brightest guy in the world or anything, but he knew that long distance relationships do not work.  So he decided to break it off with the young lady but they would stay in contact and visit.  The agreement was that should either person involved become involved with another person, they had to be honest with the other about it because Nugget and the young lady were still having intimate relations.  Apparently, the crazy bitch forgot. 

Now the ending of this story is certainly no fairy tale.  There are no princesses, or unicorns.  Only a whore, not horse, whore. 

So Nugget returned to see the young lady at her home.  Nugget only had a short weekend to spend with the young lady, but the young lady was ill.  How sad it was, but Nugget sat around all day on the couch and in hospitals not doing shit while he tried to take care of the young lady.  While at the computer, Nugget discovered some rather graphic pictures of the young lady that she had taken of herself.  Nugget was astonished.  "Wow," thought Nugget, "I can't believe she forgot to put on clothes before taking pictures of herself."  Then suddenly it occurred to Nugget that maybe, just maybe, she intentionally left her clothes off for these pictures.  It was time for Nugget to investigate.

Nugget did some snooping around, much like the young lady did at Nugget's place on a fairly regular basis.  What Nugget found was damning.  He found a journal about how a fairly random co-worker had stopped by and she had given him head, for no particular reason.  Apparently, the young lady loved to suck cock. 

Oh, but the young man had a wife, or maybe it was a girlfriend.  You see, the memory of Nugget became a little hazy at this point, his brain was filled with hate and rage.  The young lady was once cheated on and still had not quite gotten over it, but she apparently only cares about the feelings of herself and not of others.  I'm sure the lady friend of the young man would not be pleased if she knew this was going on, much as she would not be pleased if Nugget were to do this to her.  Regardless, she did it anyway.  Nugget would not have done this to the young lady, because Nugget is perfect, don't forget.

The young lady had officially graduated from young lady, to dirty whore.  Congratulations dirty whore, you have spread your legs for a piece of certified white trash.  You win a Nascar shirt!  How does Nugget know the guy is white trash?  You see, the guy works in the Wally World tire shop, which instantly certifies him as an uneducated, dirty, worthless piece of white trash.

The two decided to keep their little affair a complete secret from all parties.  This included Nugget, the white trash man's girlfriend/wife, and the white trash man's friend who also works in the tire shop and is very close friends with the dirty whore.  Two of the tire shop guys had a bet, which the dirty whore knew about, about who would be able to bone her first.  Knowing this, she did one of them anyway.  Oh, what class the dirty whore had.

How sad, the young lady had evolved in to nothing but a cum dumpster in search of attention.  Obviously, no male human could respect such a lady with no class, but at least they can get their knob slobbed at no charge.

How proud the parents must be, and how shocked the parents of the children she teaches would be if they only knew. 

To this day, the dirty whore denies it ever happened.  So I guess she wrote in her little journal for fun.  Even after explaining that, and giving her several chances to come clean and apologize, the dirty whore refuses.  Apparently, spineless creatures can walk on two legs.


The moral of this story children is this:
Women need to be abused, mentally and physically or they will take advantage of you.
I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from this.

Note:  Do not abuse women in any form, that was a joke.

The Everlasting Cocksucker